society of friends for Africa’s development

(Registered as SOFAAG in 1990 – Society of the friends of Abuohia, Ashanti & Ghana – the name changed to SOFFAD in 2011)
Ghana Reg. No.G19753 – Nigeria Reg. No. 42594


The late Dr. Bradford had the particular responsibility for the welfare and development of Abuohia as the occupant of the Nkosuo (Development) Stool. During fact-finding visits to Ashanti in 1989 Dr. Bradford established a branch of the Red Cross in Abuohia. Returning to London he co-founded SOFAAG, which became a registered Charity in 1990.

Dr. Bradford was born on 9th April 1935 in Georgetown, Guyana, South America (formerly British Guiana). He was a great grandson of the Paramount Chief of the Arawak Nation (the indigenous people of Guyana, South America) and a descendant of the Ashanti Royal Family, Ghana.

He was a man of imposing stature and generous character with endearing social qualities. He cultivated relationships globally and was a cultivator of friendship and the deeper values of human life. He died in London on 2nd April 2003.

Dr. Bradford was officially recognised and confirmed on the eighth day of April 1986 as Nana Kwabena Boakye Owoahene 1, Sub Chief of Abuohia, and Nkosuohene of Abuohia, Ashanti, by the head of the Osumbuo Royal Family and Dynastic House of Abuohia, Nana Osei Kwabena, as a direct grandson of Nana Kwaku Dua 1, King of the Ashanti Nation (1834-1867) descending from Nana Boakye Adade, the son of Nana Kwaku Dua 1, and his descendants, and was further proclaimed by the Osumbuo Royal Family as a Prince of the blood Royal and a member of the Osumbuo Royal Family and Dynastic House of Abuohia, Ashanti.

Official documents of recognition and confirmation are held in the Register of the Kumasi Traditional Council, Manhyia Palace, Kumasi, Ashanti, in Ghana.

The late Asantehene, His Majesty Otumfuo Opoku Ware, seen here at his London residence in January 1995 with Nana Owoahene. Nana Kwabena Boakye Owoahene I, The Nkosuohene of Abuohia, Ashanti.


Judith co-founded SOFAAG in 1990 with Dr. Bradford and Sr. Petrona and this enabled her to follow her path in the development of health education projects for people in Africa. This led to voluntary work in Ghana, Sierra Leone, the Cameroon and Nigeria with her ‘Health Education for People at the Grassroots’ Project.

Judith first visited Ghana in 1989, having met Dr. Bradford, whilst lecturing on the Dental Health Education Diploma Course at Uxbridge College in West London in 1988.

Dr. Bradford, one of her students, invited her to give some health talks to members of the Red Cross and St. John Ambulance Brigade in Ghana. The talks were received with much enthusiasm and Judith returned home with a determination to help make a difference to the lives of at least some of the people she had left behind. Judith’s ‘pioneering spirit’ was strongly influenced from the early 1970’s through her work as a Health Promotion Officer with Hillingdon Health Authority where she was a pioneer of Dental Health Education.

Judith was Enstooled as Nana Akua Tweneboaah I, The Nkosuohemaa of Abuohia, Ashanti, (meaning Development Queen Mother) on 22nd April 2007, in Ghana.

Judith co-founded SOFAAG Ghana in 1993 and SOFFAD Nigeria in 2010.

Judith co-founded SOFFAD Nigeria in 2010 and SOFFAD Ghana in 2011 Nana Akua Tweneboaah, l, The Nkosuohemaa of Abuohia, Ashanti


Sr. Petrona SAC Schmitz, a Pallottine Missionary Sister was a co-founder of SOFAAG and became the first Chairperson.

Sr. Petrona spent her life in the service of humanity and in teaching here in England, and in South Africa, in the belief that education is one of the ways that can lead towards social justice. She will be remembered not only for her unshakable ecumenical faith, intellect, compassion and remarkable energy and determination but also for her warm, twinkling eyes and large sprinkling of fun that she brought to every occasion!

Sr. Petrona's story "My Long Journey for Africa" remains an inspiration.


Evelyn (Judith Campbell’s Mother) was one of the original SOFAAG Trustees and supported its work for the developing world with great enthusiasm.

As the author, Evelyn Prentis, she wrote the following books: 'A Nurse in Time', 'A Nurse in Action', 'A Nurse and Mother’, ‘Matron at Last’ and ’Matron in Charge, published by Hutchinson; a series of autobiographical memoirs. These books were reissued by Ebury Press in 2011/12.


“I had been a close friend of Dr. Bradford for many years and knew of his work for Ghana and, having worked in management of hotels and restaurants, knew I could make a contribution as a trustee and administrator.”


“Charity work occupies a large amount of my time and is exciting and totally challenging. Since retiring from Brunel University in the late 1990’s, I am involved with a major international charity and have been associated with SOFAAG since its conception in 1988.”


“I came to England from Israel in 1973 and settled in London with my family. I am a Complimentary Therapist by profession. Dr. Joseph Bradford (SOFAAG Co-founder) was a close family friend, having met my mother in Tel Aviv in the early sixties. I became involved with SOFAAG soon after it was registered and helped as a fundraiser for many years. My early life in Israel allows me to identify with some of the difficulties experienced by people living in the developing world. For health reasons I am retiring from SOFFAD as Chairperson, a post I have held since 2004, but I will continue as Social Secretary / Liaison. I am pleased to see that the SOFFAD projects are now available to all countries in Africa.”